There is only one person you can trust in the world.He is your mother’s husband.He is the coolest man for you.In other words he is your father.

When I met him 17 years ago, he was 23 and he smiled to me.He thought me “the life”.

He is a reliable person.He doesn’t like lying and people who lies.He is a knowledgeable person.That impressed me very much.

He sometimes goes to football matches.He takes my brother with him,but he doesn’t take me with him to matches.He plays backgammon well.He has two sugars with tea.

He smokes but I feel sad about it.Fathers are understanding.You feel yourself like the strongest person on the world, when someone protects you.This is the best feeling in the world.

My father always solves the problems and saves me from troubles.I know he will solve all my problems and this makes me happy.


                                                                        by  Şeymanur Durmaz